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Making Old Things New: Salsa Jars to Chalkboard Cups

{While you’re here, don’t miss the big giveaway, going on here!} For the last few months I’ve been saving our leftover salsa jars – taking off the labels, washing them out, and storing them in the laundry room. Why? Because I had an idea: chalkboard cups. I was inspired by Lindsey’s mason jar cups like […]

I Heart Etsy: Lily Whitepad’s Fabulous Craft Emporium

Someday I am going to get a Macbook Air.  Someday.  And when I do, I want to keep it in this laptop sleeve from Lily Whitepad’s Fabulous Craft Emporium. image source This etsy shop is one of my favorites.  You know that I have been making several attempts to upcycle a suit coat jacket lately.  Well, this […]


Making Old Things New: NeckTie to Wallet Edition

Last weekend, I had “Sewing Day” with my mom.  Sewing Day basically consists of me bringing a bunch of projects over to my mom’s house; then she does all the sewing while I mostly just sit around.  This past Sewing Day consisted of two main projects: (1) “shrinking” an XL t-shirt  - which you might […]


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