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Making Old Things New: Dining Room Hutch

I found this little hutch at a resale store a few months ago and thought with a little paint and a little fabric, it’d be pretty cute. It took some time and a lot of help from my mom (Thanks Mom!), and now this little hutch is as good as new. Now, what to put […]

Making Old Things New: Foam Finger Edition

Although the Bears faced an unfortunate loss today, I thought I’d write this post anyway – just for kicks. Last night, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with my family, and my aunt gave him a card in the shape of a foam finger (you know the kind you would bring to a sports game to […]

Making Old Things New: Chalkboard Edition

My way of coping with the winter blues this year is crafting, so I’ve plugged in my mini glue gun, gathered some supplies, and set to work in a little corner of our office.  I loved the creativity it took during the holidays to wrap presents using only supplies that I already had, so I […]


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