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Making Old Things New: Sheets to Curtains

Little O’s room has been a work in progress, and the latest addition was upcycled curtains.  I had a thrifted white sheet from our fair trade chocolate party and orange polka dot fabric from our gender reveal party.  And after being inspired by the curtains in this nursery, I convinced my mom to sew together […]

Making Old Things New: A List of Future Projects

I have lots of project ideas, but with this little baby’s due date about a month away, I haven’t had much time for crafty projects (for example, yesterday’s day off of work found me cooking meals with my mom and sister all day so that our freezer will be stocked once the little guy arrives). […]

Little Choice #10: To The Recycling Bin

A while back, I decided that I could be green by reusing toilet paper rolls to make something new.  I’d seen amazing projects on blogs and Pinterests, but although I made a few valiant efforts, all I really ended up with was this: A plastic bag stuffed with old toilet paper rolls. Once the bag […]


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