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Little Choice #11 : Haircut for Pantene Beautiful Lengths

For whatever reason, I decided that pregnancy would be a great time to grow out my hair – maybe because hair grows faster while pregnant or maybe because I knew I’d never wake up in time to actually style short hair.  I planned to chop it off after Little O’s birth, but I realized that […]

Little Choice #10: To The Recycling Bin

A while back, I decided that I could be green by reusing toilet paper rolls to make something new.  I’d seen amazing projects on blogs and Pinterests, but although I made a few valiant efforts, all I really ended up with was this: A plastic bag stuffed with old toilet paper rolls. Once the bag […]

A Little Green Idea

Last night my aunt inspired me with an idea for another little green choice. As we finished up a meal at Portillos, someone headed up to the counter to collect several to-go containers because, of course, we needed the leftovers for school lunches the next day.  As I packed my baked mostaccioli into a styrofoam […]

Making Little Choices to Love my Little World Too

image source Sometimes the little choices to love people across the world are pretty easy. It’s become almost automatic to choose the bag of fair trade chocolate chips instead of the cheap bag. It is often less automatic to love the people in my little world – the people that are next door or at […]

BitterSweet: Now What?

If you know me or if you’ve been reading my blog for a little while or if you just happened to glance up at the header, then you know that I’m all about making little choices – little choices to love a BIG world. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the bitter stories behind chocolate. […]


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