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Ethical Dessert Attempt #11: Fair Trade Brownie Mix Cookies

My sister makes the most delicious brownie cookies; she found the recipe here.  So when I saw a fair trade brownie mix at Whole Foods the other day, I knew I had to buy it and attempt these tasty treats. I used all my favorite fair trade & organic ingredients to go along with the […]

Hidden Buddies: Ethical Dessert Attempt #10

With a little help from my sister and my fair trade and organic ingredients, these little cookie dough hearts were created.  We used the same recipe as always (see here or here), only this time we shaped them into hearts and added sprinkles. A Perfect HB Gift P.S. My sister should have details about how […]

Ethical Dessert Attempt #9: PB Cookie Dough Scoops

Remember when my sister from Baking Through Life shared her chocolate chip cookie dough scoops? Well, I decided to make some of my own.  And I had some leftover peanut butter candy coating chips, so I decided to add a little twist.  I gathered my fair trade & organic ingredients, and whipped up the cookie […]

Ethical Dessert Attempt # 8: “Rum” Balls

{Don’t miss the Conscious Christmas Giveaways going on right now.  Just click here.} “Rum” balls are a holiday tradition in my family.  They began with Grandmommy and have been passed down to her children (or her son’s wife, as is the case in my family), and finally to her grandchildren. Each year my mom – […]

Ethical Dessert Attempt #7: Mini Cheesecakes

A couple weeks ago, I made these sweet little mini cheesecakes. My sister, who writes a fabulous little blog – Baking Through Life, let me borrow her mini cheesecake pan, which makes cheesecake-baking really easy.  I used some of my fair trade and organic baking ingredients, and I followed the recipe I found here (though I did find […]


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