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I Heart Etsy: Knitting Lives Together….Forever

While following a friend’s adoption story, I was introduced to this Etsy shop: Knitting Lives Together.  It’s a sweet little shop filled with knitted and sewn items for kids.  My favorite are the toddler leg warmers.  So cute! And the little girl aprons are pretty adorable too. The best part about this shop, though, is […]


I Heart Etsy: Salvage 517

Salvage 517 is full of fun upcycled and vintage items.  Here’s how Leslie describes her shop: All my creations include something found, loved, and repurposed. Inspired by 2 Corinthians 5:17, I remember that I too am simply salvaged goods made new.  (source) Gotta love that.  And here is some of the fun you’ll find in […]


I Heart Etsy: Sofie Kay

I happened upon this Etsy shop, and I love what’s there.  Sofie Kay is committed to using eco-friendly materials, including anything organic, recycled, or upcycled.  She also uses some fair trade materials, like this sweet pin cushion (my favorite item in her shop!) made with fair trade yarn. image source


I Heart Etsy: Elena Chiesa

Today I want to share a beautiful Etsy shop I came across recently: Elena Chiesa.  This shop is full of original bags, all made with organic, fair trade fabric.  In Elena’s explanation of her shop, she comments about her choice to use this type of material.  Basically, her hope is that this choice will contribute […]


I Heart Etsy: Little Coffee

Every once in a while, I just search for “fair trade” on Etsy.  The other day, I found this shop.  I love the name, I love the reasons for selling fair trade organic coffee beans.  Check it out here.


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