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Fair Trade Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for fair trade chocolate for V-Day, here are a few great ideas: Equal Exchange Chocolate Hearts – I’ve purchased Equal Exchange’s dark chocolate minis, and they were delicious.  So I’m sure these hearts would be tasty too. Divine Chocolate Hearts - I am definitely a fan of Divine chocolates.  The name says it […]

Reporting Back on The Sugar Gnomes

In the spirit of Hidden Buddies, I received a special little package this week: chocolate cinnamon fudge and two toffee lollies from the Sugar Gnomes. Lisa has to be one of the sweetest Etsy shop owners!  I messaged her a few weeks ago, asking her if she’d be interested in sponsoring a little giveaway on […]

Reporting Back on Divine Chocolate’s Advent Calendar

Remember when I mentioned Divine Chocolate’s Advent Calendar here? Well, I took the Whole Foods coupon, and on my next grocery trip, I made the purchase.  Our Advent Calendar has been sitting on the little shelf above the microwave since Thanksgiving time, just waiting for December 1st. And after a week of eating Divine Chocolate, […]

Holiday Sweets

One easy way to add a little love into your holiday traditions is by choosing fair trade candy.  Sugar is almost always a part of the holidays, so why not incorporate some fair trade sweets.  Here are a few options you may want to consider: Divine Chocolates sold by Servv - Divine Chocolates always has special […]

On the Lookout for Fair Trade

While at Whole Foods the other day, I was delighted to find this: a fair trade chocolate advent calendar! Growing up, we almost always had one of these and took turns eating the chocolate each day in December until Christmas.  I love that there is now a fair trade option offered by Divine Chocolate. Plus […]


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