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2013-03-09 07.08.16

Upcycled Burp Cloths

Little O spit up a lot.  And I mean a LOT.  We own over 30 burp cloths because – seriously – we needed them.  They don’t get much use anymore, so with a baby shower to attend, I decided why not do some upcycling! A couple of the cloths had some little tears, so I […]

2012-12-21 15.29.28

Chicago DOC Band Painting – Robot Style

{This might be a stretch to fit into my blogging niche, but bear with me while I try.} Little O has to wear a DOC band (aka – helmet) for the next few months to reshape his head.  He had/has a flat spot from lying on the same side all the time.  It’s not much […]

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Making Old Things New: Baby Gift Printables

Browsing through some of my old posts, I was reminded of one of my favorite Making Old Things New projects: the baby gift boxes made from cardboard drink containers. (Here are versions one, two, three, & four - I think #2 is my favorite.) I don’t know about you, but I think the little signs (which I can’t take credit for since […]


A Great Deal on my Favorite Cloth Diapers

I’ve mentioned them before, but my favorite cloth diapers for Little O are the Bum Genius Organic Elementals.  They’re an all-in-one diaper which makes them super easy to work with.  No extra stuffing.  No extra layers.  Just a plain old diaper.  Snap on.  Snap Off.  Plus these are the only diapers that seem to work […]

2012-11-10 09.01.34

Making Old Things New: Baby Wipes Wrappers & Fabric Scraps

Babies love anything that crinkles.  When I plop my little guy on the changing table, he often lunges right for the baby wipes.  So when I found this tutorial for a crinkle square, I thought it’d be a great toy for Little O.  We finally made it through a package of wipes, and I was ready […]


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