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A Little Bit of Baby: Cloth Diapering Here I Come {Hopefully}

We officially own our first cloth diaper.  (Thanks Mom!) I hope that we can really figure out how to do this whole cloth diapering thing. Until we figure it out (and collect more cloth diapers), I’m thankful for the stash of disposables we’ll be starting off with.  (I know – it’s not green, but we’ll […]

A Little Bit of Baby: A Safe Delivery from International Rescue Committee

At one of my showers, my sister gifted me with this note: How thoughtful!  “A Safe Delivery” is a program run by the International Rescue Committee.  This organization has a catalog full of different charitable gifts that can be purchased to help people across the world.  These can be purchased with a dedication to someone […]

A Little Bit of Baby

We are getting really close to the due date for our little guy.  There has been a lot to do to get ready for his arrival, and we have been blown away by the kindness and generosity of so many people in the process. As we’ve been preparing, there are a few “baby things” I’ve […]

Ethical Dessert Attempt #9: PB Cookie Dough Scoops

Remember when my sister from Baking Through Life shared her chocolate chip cookie dough scoops? Well, I decided to make some of my own.  And I had some leftover peanut butter candy coating chips, so I decided to add a little twist.  I gathered my fair trade & organic ingredients, and whipped up the cookie […]


I Heart Etsy: Doppler Tees

I’m probably a little too excited about this find, but check it out: a giant robot on a sweatshop-free t-shirt. Image Source  I found this shirt in the Etsy shop, Doppler.  And since we have a little bit of a robot theme going for our (soon-to-arrive) baby boy, I got a little excited about this […]


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