Monthly Archives: January 2011

Making Old Things New: Chalkboard Edition

My way of coping with the winter blues this year is crafting, so I’ve plugged in my mini glue gun, gathered some supplies, and set to work in a little corner of our office.  I loved the creativity it took during the holidays to wrap presents using only supplies that I already had, so I […]

Maybe I Should Have Said This First

So now that I’ve already given you some great fair trade coffee choices, I realized maybe I should’ve given you some reasons why to bother with fair trade coffee in the first place. I know that fair trade isn’t perfect (I was just reading an article about some of the imperfections), but I wanted to […]

Finding the Right Fair Trade Coffee

Meet my husband Nate: He is the coffee connoisseur of our family.  That is, of course, if frequenting Starbucks & making fancy coffee drinks for a bunch of high schoolers every once in a while, makes you a connoisseur.  Well, either way he’s the only one who drinks coffee, so he’s a connoisseur in my book. And since we […]

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You…

Around Christmas time, there were about a kajillion blog giveaways going on.  (Who knew there was such fun in the blogging world?)  And I was all about them because (a) it was free stuff, and (b) a lot of it was handmade, meaning sweatshop free. Anyway, while I did post about a few of the […]

Finally Getting Around to…. New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a big goal-maker.  Wait, let me rephrase that: I am not a big goal-keeper.  Usually when I make a goal, I keep it for about a week and then lose it completely.  Last year, for instance, I resolved to cook more dinners.  While I did cook some, my husband can probably attest to […]


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