Making Old Things New: Chalkboard Edition

My way of coping with the winter blues this year is crafting, so I’ve plugged in my mini glue gun, gathered some supplies, and set to work in a little corner of our office.  I loved the creativity it took during the holidays to wrap presents using only supplies that I already had, so I decided to continue in that vein for my coping-with-winter-hobby.

I think a great way to promote greenness & to avoid sweatshop-made stuff, is to create what you want by repurposing materials you already have (AKA upcycling, AKA making old things new).

I wanted to share with you my first attempts.  This little project actually began over the summer.  My sis & I were inspired by our cousin-in-law Jess’s chalkboard paint projects over on her blog, Cherry Street Cottage.  So we took a couple old picture frames, painted the frames, and spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint.  They turned out alright but nothing spectacular, so they’ve just been sitting in my closet collecting dust.  Until… I was again inspired by the flowers on Tatertots & Jello.  Using some leftover fabric, fabric from an old tanktop, and ribbon handles on an Ann Taylor Loft bag, I created my own flowers.

I didn’t go out and buy any fancy crafty materials; I just went at it with my fabrics, scissors, and the mini glue gun.  It took me a couple attempts, but once I figured it out, I think the rosettes turned out pretty good.

And now my once-picture-frames have a whole new chalkboard look.  I’m kind of loving them!











P.S. I linked this up to a few different linky parties, including this Pity Party on the 30Days blog.


  1. Quick! Set up the Etsy store – they are adorable!!

  2. I agree – really cute. You might need a few more items though

  3. I agree – really cute. You might need a few more items for the store though.

  4. oh my goodness… adorable. Your flowers are great. I love them. Thanks for the shout out too. Ha.

  5. Very nice! I love chalkboards and yours are no exception!

    Next time you link up, please grab a “20 Below Thursday” button…it’s on my right sidebar :)

    Thanks so much for linking up! I hope you come back again :)

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