Little Choice #4: Gift Wrapping

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts about this season is the wrapping of gifts.  A few weeks ago, I helped out at the Community Outreach Center’s Christmas store by wrapping presents of all different shapes and sizes. (This is one of my favorite traditions!)  Last week I was over at my parent’s house to help decorate their Christmas tree, but I didn’t do much decorating.  Instead I kept nagging my mother for more presents that I could wrap for her.  And the past few days have included the wrapping of my own gifts for friends & family.

Only this year has been a little different.  I decided that perhaps the best way for me to avoid the mistreatment of workers and to insure greenness (Is that a word?) was simply to only wrap with supplies I already have.  So this year, instead of browsing rolls of paper at Target or Hobby Lobby, I rummaged through the closet.  Now, I must confess that I had three things in my favor: (1) I already owned 1 roll (but only one) of black & white polka dot wrapping paper, (3) I still had some other gift wrapping supplies left over from last year, (4) I have a bin filled with some remnants from my crafty days in college, and (4) I hosted a little party with my youth group small group girls and ended up with tissue paper and bags from our gift exchange.  All that to say it wasn’t as hard as it might sound to wrap all the gifts, but I also tried to be innovative and not always take the easy way out.

Okay, so here are some of my more creative gifts:

Target bags turned out being one of my new favorite wrapping papers.  Perfect colors!

And those cards with the bird (which say “Peace out… have a hip holiday!”) – Yes.  I really did already own those (not sure where they came from, but they were in that bin of crafty stuff from college!)


Trader Joe’s bags also make great wrapping paper (inside out or right side out).


I had some really pretty paper (also in the “crafty-stuff-from-college bin”)


And here’s what might be my favorite.  I learned how to make these flowers over on Two Shades of Pink and although mine aren’t quite as beautiful as hers, I kind of love ‘em.

(If you want to see Two Shades of Pink’s versions or learn how to make them yourself, click here.)


I couldn’t believe how much fun I had wrapping this year.  I think I will be unwrapping presents carefully this year and scavenging tissue paper, bags, and ribbon in preparation for next year’s gift wrapping extravaganza.

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  1. I hope mine has a super cute flower on it!

  2. Amy Coyle · · Reply

    Fun blog…I, too, am trying to only use what I already have. I’m the scavenger at family parties hoarding all the tissue paper, boxes & bows. :) I did have to splurge & buy a roll of paper for Santa to use. Have a great Christmas & love the wrapping ideas!! So fun.

  3. I LOVE your wrapping! The flowers are perfect…..I can’t wait to see some of them up close tomorrow.

  4. I did get a flower, Hooray! Mine was the cute one wrapped in trader joe’s bags with the white flower. Love it!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments guys!

  6. [...] Of course I had to include a couple shots with the pretty flowers. (See my post about the flowers, wrapping, etc. here.) [...]

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