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I love making old things new, but sometimes it’s best to just keep them old.  Here are a few of the old things around our house:

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No doubt you’ve seen these scrappy flower canvases on Pinterest.  A friend and I whipped some up together, and I love what this little piece of art adds to our living room.

2013-05-03 10.48.11

The last couple months, I have been pretty much obsessed with making these.  I made them before Little O’s birthday to hang above our windows.  I made them for a baby shower my mom was hosting, I made them for my sister’s classroom, and if I had reason to make more, I definitely would! I […]


While following a friend’s adoption story, I was introduced to this Etsy shop: Knitting Lives Together.  It’s a sweet little shop filled with knitted and sewn items for kids.  My favorite are the toddler leg warmers.  So cute! And the little girl aprons are pretty adorable too. The best part about this shop, though, is […]

Today’s World Water Day.  It’s easy to take for granted the easy-access clean drinking water we have.  Today’s a day to remember.  Remember that our water is a privilege.  Remember that millions of people around the world don’t have it.  Or have to travel super far to get it.  And today can also be a […]

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Little O spit up a lot.  And I mean a LOT.  We own over 30 burp cloths because – seriously – we needed them.  They don’t get much use anymore, so with a baby shower to attend, I decided why not do some upcycling! A couple of the cloths had some little tears, so I […]

Loving Trade as One’s new video Loving the idea of their subscription program. What do you think?


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